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Product Photography

The cost of your photography is based on quantity; the more images you have the less you will pay.

For basic product and jewellery photography shot on a clean white background, you will pay as little as £7.99 when ordering 100+ images. If you would like to discuss your project in more detail please contact us with your specific photographic requirements.


1-10 images - £15.99 per image
11-30 images - £14.99 per image
31-50 images - £12.99 per image
51-80 images - £11.99 per image
81-99 images - £9.99 per image
100+ images - £7.99 per image

* Please note there is a minimum charge of £70 per order

What is included:
White background on all images
Removal of scratches and minor imperfections from products
Images are toned and colour corrected
Images supplied as print ready files as well as a file optimised for websites, if required
Images are delivered online or on disc
All uses license, allowing unlimited use of images*


Masking is the process of carefully outlining your product to isolate and separate it from its background. This gives you the freedom to place your product on the background of your choice.
From only £2 per image.



Group shot prices can vary depending on the number of products in the shot. As a general guide, add 50% to the simple product photography prices.

Please contact us on 01626 821105 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your specific requirements and to receive a quote.



The cost for our creative image photography is £50 per hour.

The time it takes to do a creative photograph depends on how complex the set-up is i.e. your lighting requirements and the degree of styling involved. It is best to call and discuss your ideas so we can offer you an accurate quote that fits your budget.

What is included:
Sourcing of props and backgrounds, if required
Creative styling/direction
High quality Digital Photography
Free delivery of images online or on disc (Images are always supplied as print ready files as well as files optimised for websites, if required)
All uses license, allowing unlimited use of images*


Upon receipt of goods, your project will be completed in approximately 5 working days. If you require your shots in a hurry then you can use our 24 hour express turnaround for the original price + an additional 100% rush fee (subject to availability).


We have high-end commercial retouchers on our team that can really bring your images to life. Our rate is £45/hour regardless of the number of images.


We are pleased to offer free collection and delivery on orders over £1000 within Southwest England. For orders of more than 250 items we offer free collection and delivery from mainland UK.

*You will not be allowed to sell the photographs for profit or claim copyright on them. 
We reserve the right to add the product photographs to our portfolio unless requested otherwise.

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