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If you require stunning, high-end commercial product photography then we're the company for you. As experienced professional product photographers, we appreciate the need to produce clean and crisp images that grab the attention of your customers. So, whether your products are large or small East Burne Studios will always produce simply stunning, eye-catching product photography.


At East Burne Studios we use high-resolution cameras and specialist lighting equipment for our product photography. We do not, like many other companies, light everything the same way. Our product photographers understand the need to take time to study your product and expertly light it to produce the best results. Our workflow has been refined, we colour correct and retouch minor imperfections so that we can ensure that we achieve consistently gorgeous images on time and on brief. Your product photography images can then be supplied in the format and size you require.


The cost of your photography is based on quantity; the more images you have the less you will pay.
For basic product and jewellery photography shot on a clean white background, you will pay as little as £7.99 when ordering 100+ images, if you only require 5 then the price will be £15.90 per image. If you would like to discuss your project in more detail please email us or call us on 01626 821496 with your specific photographic requirements
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