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Case Studies

African Products

We were commissioned to produce images for a small business that imports handmade goods from Africa. 05They are working directly with people in the villages to ensure that any income will be distributed fairly and that the people who make the products will be paid. After our initial meeting, we agreed to start with images of products that will be used on their website. We visited their shop to select products for a photo shoot back at our studio.

All images were shot against a white background. To get a reflection, some products were placed on a reflective surface, others were shot on a white non-reflective surface.

Because of the broad range of products, we photographed each one individually to ensure we captured the best of each product.

The clients were really happy with the final images and they are currently in the process of adding them to their website.


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New product gallery is live on our website: have a look and let me know what you think ;-)

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